Welcome to our GO TO BED Series, where we get under the sheets (metaphorically speaking) with interesting humans to chat all things career, beauty, wellness, self-care, and everything in between. We sat down with the magnetic Bianca Beers, an artist and creator whose digital illustrations are as captivating as the mind behind them.

Creating for the likes of Nike, SONY, Adobe and more, it's Bianca's deep curiosity of the world that is perhaps most beguiling. Beers shares her artistic journey, love for manifestation, learning, and the self care rituals that keep her grounded.

Name: Bianca Beers
Pronoun: She / Her
Star Sign: Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising.

Hey B, thanks for being up for a chat. We’re so excited to learn more about you, your creative journey and wind-down rituals. Let's start with the basics. Who are you?

I’m a curious creature who loves to create and to self care in all their forms!! I love art, music, ritual baths, astrology & a solid skincare routine.

Your art style has unmistakable attitude. It exudes colour, detail and often weaves in fashion and culture. How did you turn your passion for art and design into a career?

I've loved art ever since I was little! My parents say that when I was 3, I was sitting in the driveway “drawing the wind”. I love that story, it never gets old. As a kid, I thought I’d end up working for Disney (I was/am obsessed), but honestly I’m glad it turned out the way it did because my work life balance is *chef kiss*.

What are you most drawn to create?

I tend to draw portraits, backed by a bit of fashion and flora. I love people’s faces, especially really unique faces & those full of character, or someone who adds character by accessorising or the way they dress. It really interests and inspires me.

Art by Bianca Beers, 'Gods of Growth’ animated NFT series for Binance 100 Creators Campaign' (2021), and Illustrations + cover art for Helen Chik's, 'Sex, Swipes and other Stories.'

How did you develop your signature style?

It’s still probably in development. It’s gradually gotten more sketchy as I found I was too caught up on perfecting this line or that gradient…to my detriment because the artwork would then end up looking more bland. With less care for perfection, more character gets to come through, but I’m still finding my style.

From the outside looking in, you embody creativity and confidence, not just in your work but also how you express yourself. What is your relationship like to 'confidence' and what role do you think fashion and beauty play in your life?

Hmm, confidence is a funny one. I’m confident to an extent — I know people (tend to) love my energy and wanna be around me, and I know I get great responses from people when I play it up with how I dress, so I do that shit because it makes life so much more enjoyable! I love bright colours not only because it attracts attention, but because it boosts my mood (colour theory!) and reflects my art style. But when it comes to confidence in my skin, I’m still getting there. As much as I spout that shit to others, truly learning self love is a big theme for me.

You’re a big believer in manifestation. Can you tell us what manifestation means to you and an example of how it’s helped you in your own life?

Omg!!! Manifestation — we are all doing it every day every second of our lives. Whether we are manifesting to our benefit or detriment (or creating a reality of “more of the same”) is where the trick is! I’m pretty spiritual but am also a scientist, so I don’t fully “believe” anything until I’ve experienced it personally and have done my own lil experiments with how it works.

That was my journey with manifestation, I read the books (‘Law of Attraction’ is an easy one, but one that tackles the subject from a more scientific viewpoint is ‘Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself’ by Dr Joe Dispenza — a must!!!) then put it into practise and tried a few different methods til I understood how it works for me. I believe it’s different for everyone, but the main trick is to only actively manifest when you’re in a positive mood. I have manifested soooo many dope things into my life, just by calling them in and trusting that they will arrive, no matter how wild a request.

Ok, let’s manifest now. Describe your dream project to work on if no constraints existed.

Oh I love this!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh the dream project is something I am thinking of right now, it’s a self help book balancing science and spirituality— with pictures (drawn by me ofc)! I don’t want to say too much but let’s manifest that my motivation doesn’t wane, timing, production, funding & promotion are a breeze and the final product is glorious and beautiful and it gets into the eyeballs of as many people it can!! So it is <3

What has been a valuable lesson or insight you’ve learned?

TRUST! Trust yourself, trust your abilities, trust the universe, and trust that people have your best interest at heart. The world is as you are!

you have any advice for artists trying to develop their style and forge a career?

Consume consume consume, try try try, experiment experiment experiment, show show show, trust trust trust. I’m still even figuring it out but those are the main tricks.


Who or what are some of your biggest influences or inspirations right now?

I don’t think I have any influences but I definitely have inspirations. James Jean (artist), Rick Ruben (music producer), Ottolinger (fashion label), Schiaparelli (fashion label), Dr Andrew Huberman (neuroscientist), Brian Greene (theoretical physicist), Carl Sagan (astrophysicist), andddd mumma nature! 

Describe your night rituals to switch off at the end of the day?

Firstly, auto nightshift on phone & computer from 7pm until 7am although I try not to be on my phone the last few hours before sleep. Then, I love my rituals. After showering I do a body oiling ritual with spoken mantras and put on my silk PJs (luxury ). I then do my skincare & finish off with a gua sha lymphatic face massage while I read (or watch Gaia).

What are your tips for a good night's sleep?

Damn, I think I said it. 

  • Nightshift + brightness DOWN on any devices you’ll be using
  • Something to bring you to the present (mine is oiling ritual, but yours could be meditation or journaling) 
  • Avoiding screens if possible
  • Camomile tea!!
  • Lavender oil on the pillow
  • Using an eye mask for extra darkness

What beauty and wellness products, and/or sleep essentials do you swear by currently?

Silk PJs, silk mask, silk pillows! I also love my Dr Dennis Gross LED infrared face mask, lavender oil on the pillows which I mentioned, and a nice rich hand cream — I enjoy ‘Sleepy’ by Lush which is so buttery and also has lavender oil too for sweet, sweet dreams!

Can you recall reading, watching, or listening to something that completely changed your mind or life in someway?

So many things!!! 

PODCASTS:  'Huberman Lab’ & ‘Waking Up With Sam Harris’

BOOKS: ‘The Creative Act’ by Rick Ruben,

‘The Elegant Universe’ by Brian Greene

Cosmos’ by Carl Sagan

The Power of Now’ & ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle,

‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohlleben

 ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ by Norman Doige

SHOWS: I love love love the streaming platform Gaia for esoteric and woowoo content.

What impact do you want to have on the world?

A positive one!! Encouraging others to be their authentic selves, to be more understanding and open minded. Love yourself, love others. A little love goes a long way!

What are you prioritising in 2023?




Linen or silk (…or both)?
Silk always but linen during my period.
Morning person or night owl?
Night owl but trying to change!
Introvert or extrovert?
Sociable introvert.
I dance like nobodies watching to…
ANYTHING!...when nobody is watching.
My dream destination is….
Egypt (for the pyramids), Norway (for the Northern Lights), and Bora Bora (for just a boujie lil holiday on the water innit).
The most Sagittarius thing about me is…
my curiosity.
3 words to describe my artistic style are….
bold, colourful, gaudy.
I’m currently bingeing….
'Open Minds' on Gaia.
My last meal on earth would be…
woodfired diavola pizza.
Words I live by are…
The last time I cried was….
last night.
My favourite thing about me is…
my ability to connect the dots.
I wish I had known sooner….
A beauty item I can’t leave the house without is…..
lipgloss OFC.
A skill I still want to learn is…
energy healing.
I feel most like myself when….
I'm in nature.
One product that changed my life is…
Everyone should watch….
'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.'
Everyone should read…..
'The Power of Now' by Ekhart Tolle.
Everyone should listen too…
'What Alcohol Does To Your Brain, Body & Health' - Huberman Lab podcast.

You can learn more about Bianca Beers here.

March 02, 2023
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