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As a model and actress, the struggle to keep my hair camera ready was reaI. From blitzing my curls with heat for years, to finally going natural and having to re-learn everything I knew about my ‘fro, 'the silk pillowcase' was a turning point in my beauty regime. For the first time in my adult life, I was waking up with hydrated and manageable coils I didn’t have to wrestle with. The usual crease marks that came with being a front sleeper? Gone. I was hooked.

Whilst I loved my new beauty weapon, my bed aesthetics now felt off. A linen vs silk debate began, fuelled by my partner and co-founder's preference to sleep on linen. How could Linc and I both kip on what we loved and still have a cohesive bed come morn?

Enter FLIPKIP®, an idea born to keep everyone satisfied in the bedroom. Working relentlessly through the pandemic, we developed a range of Sleep Essentials that could offer the best of both worlds — a silk-linen pillowcase designed to be flipped from AM to PM to suit your needs. Because who doesn't love options? 

This one is for the front sleepers, the curl club members, the skincare junkies and the bed buddies. Whether you're Team Silk or Team Linen, we're the boudoir addition you can't sleep without.

Big love,
Nat and Linc x

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Beauty Meets Bedding

Flip it and reverse it. FLIPKIP® Silk Linen Pillowcases let you enjoy the benefits of silk in the PM without being a downer to your decor in the AM.