Finally, a silk pillowcase that matches your linen bedding — with a simple flip.

Our signature pillowcases are organic mulberry silk on one side and organic linen on the other. Meaning you can enjoy the beauty benefits of silk by night and the satisfaction of a cohesive bed by day. Simply flip from AM to PM to suit you.

Half Silk. Half Linen. 100% Cozy.

A life changing product ever! The organic silk side is so smooth that whenever I lay down I fall sleep so quickly! And the organic linen side is the best match for my bed. The colours are so stunning!!!
— Barsha
These are the softest pillow covers!! They look beautiful on my bed and are so easy to wash. I highly recommend them.
— Alex
The absolute dream pillow with a two way silk and linen look. I am a huge fan of silk especially for my hair and skin. I always get so excited to sleep with my Flipkip pillow every night.
— Mel
So happy to be living both my frizz free and bedroom aesthetic fantasy with these gorge pillow cases. I want more bedding to match.
— Bianca
Soooo cute and really good quality! Love the zipper so my skinny memory foam pillow doesn’t slip out like it does with all other cases! The colour is even better in real life.
— Kara
The linen side pairs perfectly with my current bedding and the silk is also so stunning I am actually torn about which side to face up! Also loving how sleeping on silk preserves my GHD curls for days.
— Jacqui
Oh my goodness this pillowcase! It’s an actual dream. It preserves my curls so well and really helps with my hair routine. Plus the silk is just so dreamy to drift off on.
— Olivia

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