Crease marks and tangled hair in the AM? Not our love language. Our premium cases promise an indulgent night's sleep that’s gentle on hair and skin. Stand by for smoother locks, zero crease-marks and less slurping of that boujee night cream.

We’re Pro-Good Hair Days

You can expect to wake up with smoother, shinier, tangle-free hair on silk. That’s because it has less friction than common bed materials like cotton, reducing breakage and frizz.

We Have A No-Crease Policy

We’ve all woken up with a crease mark (or two) in the AM, and whilst it’s a sign you got your 8 hours, it can lead to premature wrinkles and fine lines. Boo. Due to its ultra-smooth finish, silk minimises facial friction and tugging, preventing creases from forming.

We Won’t Drink Up The Good Stuff

Silk is known to absorb less skin and hair products than cotton, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the most out of your beauty arsenal.

We Play It Cool

Silk and linen are both heat regulating and breathable, making for a comfortable night's sleep all year round.

Bye-Bye Breakouts

Say goodbye to congestion, and hello to your morning glow. Both linen and silk are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, so nasties like mould, bacteria and dust mites won’t have a field day while you kip. It's the perfect choice for sensitive skin and acne-prone cuties.

Like A Fine Wine…

Linen is famous for ageing well. In fact, you can rest easy knowing it will keep getting softer with each wash and wear.

We Care About Our Planet

Silk and linen are natural and sustainable fibres making them great eco additions to your bedroom. Our pillowcases are made of organic fabrics, grown without yucky pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Cheers to that.

Beauty Meets Bedding

Silk has got your back when it comes to protecting your hair and skin, but not always with how it pairs with your linen. If you know, you know. Our FLIPKIP® Silk Linen Pillowcases are designed to be flipped, so you can keep your hair, skin and boudoir aesethetics in check.

Half Silk. Half Linen. 100% Cozy.